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  • Project Management and Compliance: Planning, Scheduling and Control

    Venue : Kulal Lumpur
    Start Date : 04/03/2019
    End Date : 08/03/2019


    • Gather and define correctly the client’s requirements
    • Establish project goals and objectives that are directly linked to project stakeholders’ needs and expectation
    • Establish the project scope using proven techniques
    • Develop and use the project work breakdown structure for planning, scheduling and control purposes
    • Develop realistic and measurable objectives to ensure positive result
    • Effectively assign roles and responsibilities to the project team members
    • Estimate project time and costs using proven techniques and the latest methods available
    • Establish an effective and efficient earned-value project control system for monitoring and controlling project progress
    • Monitor project progress and performance using critical success factors and key performance indicators
    • Use a practical and effective, step-by-step process to manage project risks
    • Identify threats and opportunities to your project, weigh their relative values in order to effectively develop, establish and implement response plans
    • Identify and overturn the psychological barriers to risks in stakeholders
    • Assess the importance of anticipating, managing and controlling project changes
    • Plan, execute and control  an effective project closure

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