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  • Oil Movement, Storage and Troubleshooting

    Venue : Dubai
    Start Date : 16/12/2018
    End Date : 20/12/2018

    Course Objectives:

    • Acquire knowledge on oil production, recovery, dehydration and desalting and be able to understand the description and installation of a tank farm.
    • Identify the different types of tanka and review and improve the operation of a tank farms and oil terminals
    • Illustrate the process of gas freeing of tanks and vessels including confined entry for inspection maintenance and repair.
    • Understand the steps and limitations of the various methods of gauging tanks
    • Describe marine terminal & SPM operations and be able to explain the various product specifications
    • Perform blending, tank mixing, meters and meter proving and cleaning of crude oil and product gasoline tanks
    • Learn how oil spill emergencies are handled and how these are combated and mitigated
    • Understand the causes of corrosion, be able to review the operation and cathodic protection of gas transmission lines
    • Increase your knowledge on pigging of crude and gas pipelines and be able to demonstrate the process of ship loading and custody tranfers
    • Recognize the role and importance of quality assurance and control

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