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  • Distillation Column Operation, Control & Troubleshooting

    Venue : Dubai
    Start Date : 24/03/2019
    End Date : 28/03/2019

    Course Objectives:

    • Operate, control and troubleshoot distillation column in a professional manner
    • Apply and gain an in-depth knowledge on distillation technology
    • Identify the different distillation methods and implement distillation process involving the normal operation of bubble plate, vapor velocity and velocity distribution
    • Determine the factors influencing plate efficiency and explain the scope of distillation column including flash stages, process design basic and reflux ratio
    • Demonstrate how tray works and explain the types & function of reboilers
    • Discuss the features & use of condensers in the operation of distillation columns and apply instrumentation & control
    • Enumerate the importance of steam stripper and emphasize its efficiency
    • Discuss the purpose of pumparound and become familiar with pumparound heat removal, vapor flow and fractionation
    • Demonstrate the operation of the vacuum system and explain the functional and structural efficiency of packed towers
    • Employ distillation column packing as well as tray columns and recognize the guidelines & methods on how to determine the column diameter
    • Troubleshoot various distillation column problems 






    • This course is intended for all engineering, operations and maintenance staff and management.  Engineers, foremen, technicians and operators will also benefit from this important course that deals with their day-to-day problems and activities.

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