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  • Dry Gas Seal Operation, Maintenance, Installation and Commissioning

    Venue : Barcelona
    Start Date : 28/10/2019
    End Date : 01/11/2019



    • Determine the proper use of radial seals, mechanical contact seals, magnetic bearings and oil-free compressors
    • Employ the principle of operation, materials of construction, manufacturing and verification testing of dry gas seals
    • Identify the dry gas seal configurations for single gas seal, tandem gas seal, tandem gas seal with intermediate labyrinth, double opposed gas seal, unidirectional and bidirectional gas seals
    • Illustrate cost, reliability and performance of barrier seals
    • Distinguish the dry gas seal support systems including seal gas supply, primary gas seal vent and tabulation of alarms and shutdowns
    • Explain the principles of dry gas seal retrofits including its economic advantages and technical feasibility considerations
    • Demonstrate dry gas seal operation and maintenance as well as the installation and commissioning of these seals
    • Apply proper techniques in operating, maintaining, removing, installing and commissioning of dry gas seals for various types of compressors
    • Put into practice the corrective actions and lessons learned from dry gas seal contamination case studies


    1. Mechanical Engineers
    2. Rotating Equipment Technician
    3. Engineers dealing in compressed gas system
    4. Plant engineers
    5. Gas production and oil refineries department

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