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  • Heat Exchanger Operation, Maintenance & Repair

    Venue : Dubai
    Start Date : 14/03/2021
    End Date : 18/03/2021

    • Course Objectives:

    • Explain how heat is transferred in a typical heat exchanger and various factors affecting it.
    • Describe the operation of different types of heat exchangers.
    • Have a deep understanding of the physics behind heat exchanger design, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting
    • Aware of the different performance indicators and early signs of thermal or mechanical problems and how to resolve them efficiently
    • Perform and evaluate the thermal design of heat exchangers
    • Understand typical heat exchanger maintenance requirements
    • Explain what fouling is and how it can be Repaired
    • Explain what leakage is and how it can be correcte.
    • Describe a general procedure for starting up and shutting down the heat exchangers
    • Describe the maintenance regimens for heat exchangers
    • learn how to troubleshoot, diagnose, and correct operating problems



    • Power Plant Engineers & Operators
    • Plant and Facility maintenance Engineers and Technicians
    • Building or Energy Managers
    • Air conditioning engineers
    • Industrial and Environmental Engineers
    • General Mechanical and Process Engineers.
    • Purchasing heat exchangers Managers & Sales Engineers
    • Plant and Facility Managers
    • Energy Managers

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