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Together, our five values encapsulate how we work to benefit our diverse range of professionals, and the wider business community

Customer focused

We listen, understand and empathies with our customers, both internal and external, to provide the best possible solutions.

We each know who our customers are and always work to anticipate their needs, ensuring that we are well informed with the aim of exceeding their expectations.

We work together to deliver a quality service, communicating clearly and consistently to ensre customer satisfaction.


We are each responsible for understanding why and how we do things and communicate our progress in order to keep the customer informed.

We outline and communicate responsibilities for everyone and establish clear guidelines, timeframes and standards to ensure we deliver against objectives. We are realistic about what we can achieve and consider the impact of our actions on others throughout the organization and the field profession.

We have confidence in the ability in ourselves and others, supporting each other in our decision making and taking ownership for our actions. We learn from experience.


We share accurate and timely information honestly and responsibly, using the most appropriate channel for communication.

We share resources and exchange ideas to achieve goals and ensure that each person has the right information to fulfill their role.

We welcome and provide constructive, direct and timely feedback. We trust each other to maintain confidences where appropriate.


We constantly challenge the way we work, embrace change and look for better ways to do our jobs. We consult widely and build on our existing knowledge.

We make space for creativity and imagination, and encourage a focused forward-thinking and idea sharing culture.

We value initiatives both large and small and explore the development of new ideas.


We inspire confidence in others by thinking about the impression we make. We have the right skills and knowledge, and ensure we are appropriately prepared at all times.

We define and work to high standards.

We treat people with courtesy and respect. We listen to those around us, responding in an honest, consistent and rational manner.

We always fulfill our promises

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