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Investing the wide experience accumulated by Leaders, and as a response to the request of a large group of business firms, his services based on expert training of professional and technical consultants in their fields of interests and specializations.

Strategic & Administration Development Consultations

  • Business Plans Preparation
  • Develop Corporate & Strategic Plan
  • Formalize corporate Policies
  • Design corporate and department Organization Structure
  • Prepare Job descriptions, profiles & Authorities
  • Introduce Organizational Improvements
  • Introduce corporate governance

Financial & Accounting Consultations

  • Prepare financial plans & policies
  • Design Automated financial and accounting systems
  • Prepare Procurement Policies
  • Prepare fixed assets, inventory and financial control processes
  • Design annual budgeting process
  • Carry out Financial Analysis and assessment
  • Prepare financial models

Human Resources Consultations

  • Prepare man power plan
  • Design Work Structure, Team & Job responsibility
  • Conduct Remuneration Market Survey
  • Conduct job valuation, grading and pay scales
  • Introduce Competency Modeling & Analysis
  • Apply Performance Management system
  • Develop Personnel Policies & Procedures
  • Carry out staff assessment process & culture building
  • Introduce succession management plan and management transfer program

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