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  • Hydrotreating & Hydrocracking Petroleum Refining Process

    Venue : Barcelona
    Start Date : 11/09/2023
    End Date : 15/09/2023


    Objectives :

    • Grasp the essence of hydrotreatment processes
    • Develop a deep understanding of mass/hydrogen/energy balance in refining processes
    • Gain in-depth knowledge of the state-of-the-art of material and energy integration in hydroprocessing
    • Evaluate various flow schemes for both, hydrotreating & hydrocracking
    • Adjust operational and design parameters to achieve enhanced hydrogen conversion
    • Enhance knowledge of the underlying chemistry, reaction kinetics, catalysis, green production, and ecological challenges of hydro processes
    • Analyse optimization of hydrotreatment units and their operation
    • Detect potential deficiencies by troubleshootin

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